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I recently fitted a AA zero trigger - its works well just took a little work.

Sounds like you might have what I have which is that the spring guide stopper is too wide of the cylinder (its the very back of the cylinder thats too tight so its the stopper that needs a little bit shaving off).

Take everything out of the cylinder (but leave it in the receiver). So have the cylinder in the receiver and the spring guide stopper pushed right it. Now pull back the cylinder and see if it slides back and forward ok. No need to put it in the body of the gun, just pull it back like you are cocking it.


If that works ok then put the spring, guide, and piston in and push it in by hand. Does it slide in ok? Does it seem to be getting stuck?

If it does slide back and forward it may be the o-ring getting stuck. They are a little big and can get stuck behind the piston. Try the one that came with the stock piston which should be tighter.

Finally did you put a little bit of grease inside and outside the cylinder?
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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