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Zero trigger question

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Hey guys...

Hey I have been thinking about working on my rifle during the winter months. And while looking around for things that i can use to make my rifle better.

I have the JG Bar-10 with a nine ball bucking, 6.01mm EdGi barrel. And the rest of the rifle is stock. Now i have been looking at getting the zero trigger and a few other parts.

I was just wondering if it was really worth it to get the zero trigger or not.

I am also wondering how much of a difference the trigger, with the piston (forgot the name right now). Is it really going to make that much of a difference with the rifle, or should I just save my money and get something else?
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The Zero Trigger is the best thing you can get for your VSR. The sears are rock solid and will last a lifetime. So you'll really never have to worry about anything going wrong.

Thanks Oakey. Sorry about the wrong section... didn't even think about the VSR page.

Is there any real advantage to getting one over the stock trigger? I still have the stock springs and everything.
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Oakey said:
The Zero Trigger is the best thing you can get for your VSR. The sears are rock solid and will last a lifetime.
To answer your question about if you should get it.
Everyone I know that has added a zero trigger does not regret it, I am however, getting by with hardened sears. Most opinions I have heard state that any spring greater than 170 REQUIRES a zero trigger. The advantage is slightly better accuracy due to better release of the spring and easier trigger pull. The Zero trigger also uses its own proprietary piston which is included. By all rights you should never have sear problems again.
i am planning on putting just a 170 spring and a piston in my gun...
will that cause any damage to my internals??
Im no expert when it comes to a rifle i don't own , but i think you will at least need the sears reinforced

i dunno if this

and im sure you need this

but frankly as i have been looking a lot about vsr's i think the zero trigger and the laylax spring guide are best , and then you can invest in the Teflon cylinder and laylax cylinder head.

I hope i don't make someone angry by writing this and not even owning the rifle.

Also i found being one of the best sites to get your vsr stuff from , along with , since they dont have a 170 spring in stock (in ehobbyasia that is).
it's been my experience that ehobby is good for some things, such as magazines (though I made the mistake of buying the G&P 55rd mag for breaking in the tightbore (fewer reloads)instead of the TM...waste of money since it never works right...), but for thr VSR, stateside, airsoft atlanta has been my primary source of parts for my VSR10... They seem to have a huge selection of internals for a US retailer. Granted, redwolf, wgc, trinity, and others likely have better prices and selection, but sometimes, the getting here (NJ) in 2-3 days vs 2 weeks is worth the couple bucks I'd save ordering overseas. If AA is out of stock on the part, then I go looking overseas. AA also has .29 SGMs for those who use them. I have moved to only .43s for my M700 AICS and VSR10, however. .29 is IMO just too light for a highly upgraded rifle, no matter how perfect the BB may be.

Airsoft gi has been starting to stock some vsr parts, but their selection so far has been basic at best.
hey thanks , its always good to know about other sites to order from , ill check it out .
will my normal piston and sears be able to handle a 170 spring??
patnz said:
will my normal piston and sears be able to handle a 170 spring??
Not for long.
ok well what if i put a red piston in there with it?
how long would the standard sears and spring guide be able to last like that?
I bought my VSR 10 used and partial upgraded. It already had a 150 spring installed with stock piston and sears. I do not know how many BBs went through it this way, I would guess not many. I installed a included but never opened red NEO piston in the stock cylinder with the 150 spring, I got maybe 100 Bbs through it before it started slam firing due to abused trigger sears. The hardened sears solved this issue. But the bolt was really hard to cycle. I changed the O ring from the stock piston to the RED NEO and put it back together, I still had compression issues even though I had Teflon taped the heck out of every thing. I then ordered a metal spring guide and a Teflon coated cylinder, what a difference!

I may try modifying my own cylinder head next or maybe ordering a after market one, time will tell and it depends on what it chronos as is. When it starts slam firing again I'll bite the bullet and order a zero trigger, by tthat time I should have enough parts acquired to put together a stock vsr 10 from the parts bin. I have also added a fortress M40A3 stock, but that is another thread. Now you know the story of my upgrades, maybe you can decided if it helps you or not.
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ok thanks. that helps ALOT.
its just that im on a budget and can only get one expensive item, or two semi cheap items at a time.
i was wondering if i could get a 150 or 170 spring and a red piston at the moment. but i was unsure of if the other parts could stand the increased pressure.
now im thinking that the zero trigger and piston would be the best upgrade to start with on my budget. because i cant really afford to have parts breaking.
so would i be right in thinking that i would be best to get a zero trigger and piston set for now?
zero trigger is wonderful, great upgrade....add a 150 spring for starters and you're set for a while....bolt pull won't be great, but once you're at that level, you can do smaller parts as needed. after the zero trigger and spring, maybe a new hopup bucking, metal spring guide, piston head, then tightbore, then teflon cylinder. That's about the order I've gone with mine...

While you wait on getting the teflon cylinder, maybe use some graphite lube to keep things as smooth as possible while you save up. After Christmas, I plan to order the teflon cylinder and spring guide (if I find out I don't have the laylax one installed already), and then I'll be done more or less. I may order a few parts to make a lower-power setup that can be swapped out with relative ease....but I'd rather spend the money on a new rifle.....
that's what i was looking for , i wanted an upgraded vsr-10 so fast that i was thinking of saving until i have the money for everything , but now that you mention it, i guess i can do the same as you did , you just saved me plenty of time without my dream airsoft rifle, thanks.
Oh and the zero trigger comes with its own proprietary piston, I was not sure you knew that
I've ordered a VSR-10 G-Spec which i want to upgrade when i get it and just wondered is upgrading the gun fiddly like removing piston and spring and such?
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