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Zero trigger reduces fps to almost nothing

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Hey guys, so i finally got my action army zero trigger but i am having problems with it. I am using a 170 spring, but when i shoot, the air barely comes out of the cylinder. I shaved off some of the sides of the spring guide stopper and piston sear, but it didnt help that much. Should i file it unil it is the siZe of the stock sear and spring guide stopper?
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The almost EXACT same thing happened to me! I got my trigger yesterday and my m170 seems like its an m100. Ghost have you had any problems cocking it? for me it wont cock unless i teak the ball bearings off my spring guide...its really weird
How would I check that? and if I find that is the problem, how would I fix it?
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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