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Zeroing Scope

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Hey guys!

I've been trying to zero the NCStar 3-9x40 scope on my ASR recently. I've had a heck of a time. Even with the hop up (PDI 96) turned off, the groupings are still a good 12" from my POA at 50', even further at 100' and so on.. My scope is adjusted as far as it will go towards the groupings. Should I get a different scope?

I'm using .36's, and like how they are working. I'm geting groups that I am perfectly happy with (5 shots in a 5 inch circle), I just can't get my crosshairs on those groups.

Any advise?
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You could try putting shims (thin pieces of metal like from a coke can or similar) under the mounts where it attaches to the rail.
adding them to the front will lift the front end up and at the back will lower the front end,similarly you can add them to the sides to move it either left or right.
I haven't done it before but am needing to do it to my scope as when it is set to fully up it doesn't seem high enough and I think it also needs some adjustment left or right :D
I hope that made sense and will be of some assistance.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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