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Rifle: Tokyo Marui VSR-10 G-spec
Hopup Chamber: Action Army
Hopup Bucking: Modify Grey
Bucking Hardness: 60°, R-hop hardness 70°
Hopup tensioner/Spacer: SS-arm
Barrel: DIY, 5.99X12X500mm
Barrel Spacers: Precisely Cut Foam
Piston: Wolverine Bolt Electriconic Version
Piston Weight: NA
Spring guide: NA
Spring: Airsaver Upgrade Kit With 3 Shims
Cylinder: Wolverine Aluminum
Trigger: Homemade Delrin trigger Box With Homemade Brass trigger
Ejection Port Cover: Delrin Sleeve
BB Weight: BLS .48
Approximate FPS: 0---650
Approximate Joules: 0J---5J with .48
Scope: Monstrum tactical 1-6X24 G2 LPVO
Bipod: Never
Silencer: 9 Baffle Solvent trap with 33X35mm Carbon Fiber Secondary Extension Filled With Calmflex Foam and the Smallest Holes I Could Get Away With

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Crius's TM VSR10 Pro Sniper Rifle

1tonne asked to post out VSR10 part list after 2 years of sniping. I'm not sniping 2 years, but almost 1 year.
Nevertheless i just needed to changed only 4 buckings, 3 springs and a scope from my original list. Zero issues from firing day 1.
I changed the springs only because of field limitations, no due to issues.
I changed four buckings only to get the one with best bb trajectory and accuracy during flight time. All of these buckings never caused issues, all of them can lift heavy bbs.

Rifle: TM VSR-10 PRO
HOP-UP chamber: Maple Leaf
HOP-UP arm: Stalker Panthera
HOP-UP nub: Stalker Panthera Concave
HOP-UP bucking: TNT TR-Hop 60' / ML Super 75' / ML Monster 75' / ML Mr HOP 70' (in use)
Outer Barrel: Action Army Fluted & Tapered
Inner Barrel: Maple Leaf C.J 6.04mm 550mm
Inner Spacers: x4 Custom/Homemade
Laylax PSS10 Cylinder Teflon
Laylax PSS10 Cylinder Head
Laylax PSS10 Piston 90°
Laylax PSS10 Spring Guide
Laylax PSS10 Spring 170SP / 150SP / 130SP
Trigger unit: Bulltrigger+
Scope: AIM 8-32x50EF / 4-12x50IR (in use)
Silencer: 130mm
Bungee 2 points sling
Ejection Port Cover: Yes
Bipod: NO
Magazine: Homemade Decorative
BB Weight: Geoff's-BLS / 0.48gr, 0.50gr

FPS measurements using Laylax PSS10 SP130 spring:
Approximate/Average FPS with 0.20gr: 500fps / 2.31j
Approximate/Average FPS with 0.25gr: 453fps / 2.37j
Approximate/Average FPS with 0.48gr: 300fps / 2j
Approximate/Average FPS with 0.5gr: 298fps / 2.05j

*Approximate/Average FPS with Laylax PSS10 SP150 spring / 0.20gr: 550-548fps / 166.59m/s / 2.78j

Air gun Wood Trigger Tartan Shotgun

Wood Flooring Floor Hardwood Machine

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Rifle: HFC VSR-11
Hopup Chamber: stock Chamber
Hop up: Action Army VSR10
Hopup Bucking: Maple Leaf Decepticon 70⁰
Hopup nub: Maple Leaf Omega
Barrel: Maple Leaf 410mm tightbore 6.02mm
Barrel Spacers: Maple Leaf Whisper
Piston: Maple Leaf Piston
Spring guide: Maple Leaf zero resist spring guide
Spring: Maple Leaf M165
Cylinder: Action Army Masamune Cylinder kit
Cylinder head: Action Army Masamunr Cylinder kit
Trigger: Maple Leaf 45⁰ full steel sear assembly
BB Weight: ICS .2g bbs
Approximate FPS with 0.2g: 700fps
Scope: 4-16X40 AOE Bushnell
Silencer: Generic tube with Maple Leaf Whisper Suppressor Baffles

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Rifle: Jing Gong Bar10 GSpec Converted to Pro.
Hopup Chamber: Standard
Hopup Bucking: Nine ball
Danger Werx Type-B/Gunsmithy Arm & TDC Turret
Barrel: 6.03mm x 430mm Laylax
Outer Barrel: Laylax
Barrel Spacers: Laylax
Piston: Laylax Neo High Pressure PSS10
Spring guide: Laylax PSS10
Spring: Laylax 150/170
Cylinder: Standard/Polished/Secret Lube :p
Air Cylinder Head- Laylax PSS10
Trigger: Standard/Strengthened
Ejection Port Cover: Sealed
BB Weight: 0.25/0.38/0.43/0.5g
Approximate FPS with 0.2gm:

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Rifle: TM VSR10
Hopup Chamber: AA hopup chamber
Hopup Bucking: ML autobot
Bucking Hardness/Degree: 60 (yellow)
Hopup tensioner/Spacer: panthera nub concave / omega nub
Barrel: edgi 6.01 unbridged 430mm
Barrel Spacers: atm none bcs edgi barrel is thicker then usual gonna make homemade
Piston: edgi high pressure
Piston Weight: 48g (added weight to get some joule)
Spring guide: edgi
Spring: AA m170 (cutted)
Cylinder: edgi
Trigger: stock
Ejection Port Cover: No
BB Weight: Nov 0.46
Approximate FPS with 0.2gm: 550fps w/ 0.2
Approximate Joules with heavy bb: 2.8j with 0.46
Scope: Nov scope 3x-9x 50mm
Bipod: No
Silencer: No
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